How to Tame Foolish Men

Many methods were conducted in order to achieve domination over those who are unwilling to think harder. Some of them are successful and even, I say, it can be the most reliable method to do it regardless the time. Okay so without further a do, here are 3 effective Methods to Tame Foolish Men.

  1. Know What They Need
    Providing supports indeed the most effective way to acquire recognition in their heart. But the thing that needs to be considered is the type of the support they require. Be wary, be cautious. Seldom even people with higher intellegence will take advantage of this situation. How to avoid this? Eventhough you provide the needs, you MUST know how they react to their needs of support. If they ask for support, you may give yours but dont do it too often or you will be nothing but a tool to their success. You must first observe the situation and see when they need our support. After that, you may proceed to offer it. The keys on this first step are: Observe, Offer, Provide.
  2. Make Their Existence Meaningful
    Human is the chaser of existence. In my opinion, it’s like natural instinct of human to be acknowledged upon his/her surroundings. How to fake it so we wont be trapped in our own game? Easy. Do give compliment a lot. no matter how ridiculous foolish men are. Also, make sure your opinion is on their side. They dont like being alone with their thoughts. For example: They drunk and suddenly kill an eight-years-old kid because the kid said their life is useless. You can approach them and embrace them with open hands and say: “It’s not your fault, you were drunk and your emotions overflew. Also, it just happened out of your control".
  3. Be hearer, let their wisdumb be spilled
    Being an “emergency monk" is sometimes like our needs in our daily life. We give wisdoms that we never ever do. “Be patient, thus your heart blossoms with wisefulness.” they said. Yet, they are still grunting once they are stuck in bank’s service queue. Foolish men love to give advice they dont do. Eventhough you know the telling is lie, just listen to them as if you really need it.

That’s all the ways to tame foolish men. Do them all and you will see gap for you to fit in and conquer them easily. If you ask question like, “How do you know it?” I myself is one of those foolish men.

I am the medium of my thoughts.